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Scams and Confidence Tricks using real and bogus Solicitors Firms

More and more of the criminal fraternity are now turning to Solicitors firms, both real and bogus, in order to conduct scams and confidence tricks with a view to parting you from your hard earned money.

This can take various forms, usually sent by text or email, examples of which are a follows:

  • notifying you that you can claim compensation for "your recent accident"
  • to tell you that a distant relative has died and left you a large inheritance that you can claim
  • to tell you that you may be entitled to a payout from mystery bonds or stock holdings that have matured.


Criminals will often take information from Solicitors websites with a view to providing a veneer of authenticity in such cases.

This may include setting up a bogus firm using some information from a genuine firm but with say, a different telephone number (particularly using a mobile number) to that of the genuine firm.

If you are contacted by anyone purporting to be from or representing Mulcare Jenkins or any of its employees and you have concerns at all that the communication you have received may not be genuine, then please contact Alan Blok or Tim Rodemark on 01444 459954 immediatley.

Further information can be obtained on scams, bogus firmst etc by linking on the following pages:




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